easy and effective hair removal




About sundepil®

With sundepil® it is very easy to remove unwanted hair painlessly.

The active surface of sundepil® pads is covered with small crystals. These crystal surfaces help pluck the hairs from the roots by rotary movements, leaving the skin looking soft and slightly fair, as if freshly exfoliated.

For bigger hair areas use the big sundepil depilating pad; for small or uneven areas use the small depilating pad.

sundepil® depilating pads are adapted for hair removal from male and female bodies, but not from head or male beards.

sundepil® depilating pads are not recommended for people suffering with dermatological conditions, open wounds or diabetes. In case of uncertainty, ask your doctor or the pharmacist.

Important before use: Dry your skin, apply no cream, ointments or other cosmetics!

Red skin indicates improper use, either too much pressure applied, wet skin or cream left on the skin, etc.

After use, sundepil® depilating pads can be cleaned by rinsing under running water.

sundepil® - Spare discs

When sundepil® depilating pad effectiveness reduces, change the active crystal discs.

For this purpose, pull the old disc out to the end. Entirely remove any possible sticky remains (using spirit or alcohol). Stick the spare discs on so that they precisely fit.

sundepil® - Content hair removal set

+ 1 storage case
+ 1 large sundepil pad
+ 1 small sundepil pad
+ 4 +1 large sundepil depilation replacements
+ 3 +1 small sundepil depilation replacements

available in 2 colors: pink and green, only the color of the sundepil pads is different

gentle, easy and painless hair removal, works purely mechanically without any chemical additives!
with regular use the hair thins and the junior cycle diluted extendes!
the hair removal glove specially manufactured consists of soft and skin-friendly material, which is also used in medicine. There is no risk of injury from sharp edges or corners!